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What skin care products are right for you?  Stop wasting your money on products that will just sit on your self.  Let us help you pick the right product category to achieve your desired results.  We are a little like Progressive in the sense whether you buy from us or someone else we want you to be using only what you need to achieve your desired results.  Our trained Derma Care Solutions Techs will help you for FREE to determine what is the best skin care regiment for you.  Contact us at or 1.512.650.4882 to take advantage of this free service or if you have any questions.  By the way, using this free service in no way obligates you to purchase from us.  We care - and that's the bottom line.

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Skin Care Myths

Is that a fact? We have all heard tons of things said with regard to skin care. Here are some plan simple truths.

Myths vs Facts Workshop - Recorded

Did you know cells can reproduce good and bad messages and that our pores never close. For this very reason we should be mindful what we do to and use on our skin. We want to strive to nurture and care for our skin in a healthy way. Our pores appear larger with each passing year due to gravity and our DNA.

Solution: Use the proper cleansers, rinses and exfoliation to reduce dead cell build up in a gentle way without disturbing their natural rebuilding process. Never be harsh, abrasive, or use any product that may be drying or leave a residue on your face. You need products that will soften, gently exfoliate and cleanse, tone, and firm.

Fine Lines/Aging
There are some simple daily things you can do to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging. Take care of your skin Daily! That's right, a little daily TLC has big cumulative effects and it's never to late to get started.

Solution: Daily masking is the key along with using the right system of products for you.

One Size Fits All
Maybe for an over-sized t-shirt, but not when it comes to skin care. Certain ingredient decks in various products work best when used together, they compliment each other if you will bringing out the best maximum benefits possible. If you throw in there all together unfortunately some of the benefits get lost because when mixed with certain things they get canceled out. Plus, with everything there is an order to things. You would not want to add a repair to an already finished piece of shinny oak furniture, that would be in a backwards order and you would not get your desired results. The same is true of skin care, there is an order. Why would you want to cover before you repair - you would not.

Solution: Use a system approach for maximum benefits. Have a plan.

Does it matter if you wear makeup?  Yes, it matters!  Think of makeup as your second skin, your protectant barrier from the elements around you.  A tinted moisturizer with SPF or pre-makeup & foundation as your finishing touch to your am daily skin care routine is best. Why, because it helps protect the skin from the sun, and from environmental damage. Years down the road your skin will thank you.

Ever hear you catch a lot more with honey then ugliness. You want your face to clear up then be gentle with it. Stop scrubbing, popping, drying out your skin. Be sweet.

Solution: Use products that soothe, soften and draw out debris gently without disturbing the protective dome surrounding the infection. And have patience and relax.

Eye Area
Our eye area is so delicate. Be sure to use only products that are designed just for this area. This area has no pores or hair to absorb creams made for your face. Masking this area daily is also highly recommended to combat the appearance of distress.

For an added boost in dealing with under eye puffiness, use Delegate Eye Gel under your Eye Area Mask.

What we eat can have an affect how our skin looks and feels, eat plenty of greens and drink plenty of water to help keep toxins flushed out of your system.

As the seasons change so do our skin care needs, take time to keep in tune with what your skin is telling it needs.  It is beneficial to change up your skin care products depending on the season to keep you skin on it's toes.